Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Burn baby burn

So I got a steam burn while making dinner. fun huh! I quickly put my arm under cold water then ran to Dr. Goggle to see what else I can do, it said not to put the burn under cold water! It is very minor and is a bit pink today but nothing serious. I feel bad for those who have been seriously burned, the pain that they are in.

In other "burn" news, we are heading to our new gym today. I am very excited to get back on track. i also signed up for a boot camp class on the next few Saturdays with these girls. It is seriously going to kick my ass. I am a little afraid.

For some reason, I got this song stuck in my head. While I was waiting for the BF to get home and while I started dinner, I was singing it to the beasts. So when the BF got home
I told him how it was stuck in my head. He went to his computer and downloaded it so we could have it to sing along. It is still in my head... and now perhaps in yours.

What music is stuck in your head?


Nilsa S. said...

Every time I hear that song, I think of one of my bridesmaids (of the same name) and how much she must hate that song. Hahaha.

Diana said...

I'm hoping he doesn't make me do push ups. There's too much of me to push up! lol :)~

Jessica said...

"Mighty Storm" by the Duhks.

It's a song about the 1900 Galveston hurricane, originally written about 1915. Their version came out in August, and then Ike...

Slick said...

I'm a little baby when I get a small burn off the grill or something so yeah, I can only imagine the pain true burn victims are in....ouch.

I'm listening to "Wanted, Dead or Alive"

Kickin it old school