Monday, April 17, 2006

Rent and life in 525600 minutes

Rent is one of my favorite plays ever! I saw the play ages ago with a good friend and we loved it ever since I am coming to see the many dimensions of that play. Especially since they did a movie and of course I have the DVD, am I able to grasp new meanings! Maybe it is age, maybe it is wisdom that comes with experience.

I have been listening for the past few weeks to a few of my favorite songs from the play on my Ipod and it is coming together for me. Rent encompasses everything that life has...birth, life, death, friendship, cynicism, hope, disease, enlightenment, dreams, personal struggle, personal strength, loss, art, music, passion, despair, pain, fear, self discovery, devotion, hurt, evolution, numbness, empowerment, non-conformity, family, night life, sexuality, self-involvement, emotion, but most off all the many dimensions of love and what it means in so many contexts.

Perhaps it means that for every year we have 525600 minutes to make the most of our life and each minute can have a myriad of struggles and successes. It all depends on what each of us define as struggle and success. However, no matter what and no matter how hard it is at times for us we have the "seasons of love" and we are loved in one way shape or form by the people who matter. There is no day but today.

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