Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Villages of the world

I often wonder if villages all over the world wake up and wonder where their idiot is. Do the citizens look to see where oh where could their local fool have gone? Is s/he replaced or do they truly mourn the loss. Well dear villagers, I have found some of them...they work for my company. They have all in zombie like states left such magical places such as Farmingdale and Schaumburg and all congregated at various locations of this company to create havoic and drama that does not need to happen as a result of their stupidity!

Now, they are cunning and smart fools because they coyly use their ignorance as their cover and blink their eyes in profound confusion. This only encourages others to pick up their slack and as such the game continues with no end.

Please dear villages please come and claim them, we will be glad to part with them.

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