Friday, April 28, 2006

Solitude of being...

I read that phrase in a book recently, solitude of being. To me that means discovering who I am in the context of being alone. We all go through that, at least I think we do. When we are each alone and it is quiet our thoughts take over. We may tend to overthink situations, think of possible scenarios and dialogues that we may have or fantasize about the future...all done in t the stillness of our lives. Does this lead to self-discovery or do we create too much out of nothing?

There is a difference between being alone and lonely. Alone is more of what you choose, you don't want others around so that you can get stuff done but, you choose when you get out of being alone and when you want to join the population. Lonely seems to be a yearning, a deeper feeling perhaps a is when you want to be included and you are not, it is when you want to be with your friends/family and they are too busy for you, it is when you want to be loved by someone but you aren't. Alone that I can handle but lonely, not so sure these days.

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