Monday, February 18, 2008


The title of my post has two reasons:

1-My ass hurts (no get your dirty minds out of the gutter!!) It is because I increased the weight of the weights that I am using at the gym and my legs are sore because of it. I went to 40lb on the leg press for one exercise and went from 5 lbs to 10 lbs on some arm exercise and 10 to 12 lbs some other weight exercies. For some reason my butt is sore. I blame the leg work out but that is all good right? (Sorry Jessica, my ass can't crack walnuts just yet)

2-the dog barked at 2:34 am (nope this is not some secret code where you respond that the cow moo'ed at 4.) But after last week's second hobo visit, I am a little on edge when I hear a strange noise. Last week the dog started to act up at 5:30 or so and we told her to stop and shut up, she was reacting to the fact that their was a stranger outside our door on the steps. So we now pay attention when she barks. She is not much of a barker but she does bark when there is something amiss. So I was up every hour after that, at 3:20 I woke up because I had a dream I wrestled with said hobo over a bat I wanted to use to defend myself. After that I just could not fall asleep. There was no hobo today!

So hence the reason I titled this blog "bum".


Teriana said...

Who'd have guess that exercising your legs would make your butt sore instead of your legs. I'll have to ask Jessica what that walnut cracking ass thing is.

Superstar said...

I have a cat or a rat...I can't figure it out. Dakota is all barking at 3 am the last few months. I really need an exterminator!!!! cuz if it's rats...*shivers* I just don't need that mess in my storage unit!

I am confused, a person can crack walnut w/her a$$??? I must see this. Color me impressed w/ the nut crackin'!!! *giggles* Of course I was thinking something COMPLETELY different!
Hey go vote for which guy I should give a 2nd date to!!! PPPPPLLLLEEEAAASSSEEEEE?????