Wednesday, September 03, 2008

In a big red bow

So my birthday is coming up and people near and dear to me are asking what I want for my birthday. To be perfectly honest, I have no freaking clue. There are things that I need like a few million dollars but that seems to be a big stretch. I have it narrowed it down to one thing...a puppy.

However my request for a bulldog or shih tuz or rescue puppy has been vetoed. I tried to cajole my beloved that the puppy is because Yukon wants to have a dog. (she does she told me when I was rubbing her belly) Somehow he is not buying it. In the past two months five people that I know got puppies and I so want another dog. I have been asking for a dog since we met and he is surprised that I still ask for one.

I ask daily, right now he is reading this and if you listen carefully you can hear BF's eyes roll to the top of his head. Shhhh....see told ya.

So besides needing a dog that I will not get nor the million that will not appear in a birthday card help me figure out what I want for my birthday?


Teriana said...

Slick said...

I heard it. BF, you're gonna wind up losing this argument.

You know how persistant women are.

Persistant ...hhhmmm, that's spelled right. Spell checker is underlining it.

It's spelled right isn't it?

Now that's gonna bug the crap out of me all day.

Jessica said...

Maybe persistent. Yup, spell checker is not underlining it, so it's probably right, although I will not vouch for the spelling until I see it in an actual dictionary with pages of paper and words of ink.

Let's see... "Juno," iPhone, digital video camera, new pair of shoes... Any of these appeal to you?

I know how you can get your puppy. In fact, it's sooooo easy. Just tell the BF that you're "ready" -- ready to get married and have a baby. He'll drive you to the pet store in a flash!

Anonymous said...

I want a puppy too. But, I think the four cats would murder me...especially Stella Marie.

Diana said...

Cash is king! :)

Or Chopping Block gift cards. lol

Superstar said...

Every time I think about the idea of getting a puppy, I am reminded of all the nights potty training, leash training ect...

I also would be way too selfish, as I work WAY too much to have a dog cooped up all day.