Monday, September 08, 2008

The end of the BBQs

This weekend was packed with food. I mean a lot of food.

Friday we went to not celebrate a friend's birthday. It was just the 4 of us at a tapas place in Andersonville. It was yummy but a bit overpriced. Since it was opening weekend it was packed with people and the bar is cool so I hope that it will be around for a bit. On our way, we stopped to get her a bottle of wine and headed to this part of Andersonville that we don't often head to. It has such cute stores and eateries. There was a gelatoria ,a oil and vinegar store, a hand made in Morocco store, the wine store next to the wine bar etc. We bemoaned how much we miss Andersonville but we could not afford a place there. At least it is a few El stops away.

We got our IKEA kitchen island on Friday so on Saturday the BF began the IKEA building (I helped by holding things, go me!). But we had to end sooner that we would have liked because we had a BBQ to go to. It is one of the BF's friends and it was fun to meet some of his friends that I have not met before. We drove one of this friends home and they were both privy to a call from MR.

I sent her a text earlier in the day about how I am fat and not happy with my body right now I am finding myself having a hard time getting clothes to fit and I am not happy about it. See on Friday I wore a pink top and sweater but my stomach was bulging out of both. It was like the scene from Tommy Boy "big man in a little coat". The BF laughed at me because of it so of course he got the stink eye and I changed but the fact that I am getting too big for some of my clothes upset me. I can't afford to replace them at this time. So on our way home, she called me and the first thing I said was "Girl I am so fat!" So yes, the BF's friend got an earful. (Sorry J) At least she knows how to put a few things in perspective!

Sunday we had our condo BBQ. It was nice to meet some neighbors who I did not know. The BF knew everyone because he is typically on the back porch grilling or is walking the dog. Our condo is very dog friendly. So it was nice to chat and get to know each other.

The IKEA island took a few more hours to finish but we are 97% done. It looks great and today I get to sand and apply the mineral oil. I am so excited because that will mean that our kitchen is D-O-N-E!

I hope that we have a much needed slow weekend next weekend because we need some down time.


Nilsa S. said...

I was in Andersonville Friday night, too. Jin Ju for some yummy Korean with a dear friend from Madison. Funny to think we could've walked right by one another ...

When we get together, maybe we should go on a long walk with the dogs? I have a car and can travel over by you ... that way, we feel better about taking care of ourselves and not overstuffing our tummies. =)

Christina said...

That is too funny! We may have actually passed.

Andersonville rocks.

That would work, as long as it is not raining!

Diana said...

I know how you feel. About the big man in a little coat thing.

I think need a workout buddy. Maybe 1-2x a week.

We both are Y members. I'm willing to come out your way. :)


Slick said...

You ain't fat!

If the man aint sayin' nothing, quit worrying!