Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The house is BLUE!

Democrats seize control of House

How awesome is that. I saw it on the news last night that they won control of the house and still are deciding on control of the Senate. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out. This is democracy in action because it is purely majority rule, there is no damn electoral college. It is the loud voice of the American people who are fed up and have a say in government. I wonder if John McCain will kill himself as he said last week when asked if he thought the Democrats would will the majority. Bushy boy is going to have a lot to answer to now and I think he is worried and all the GOP will have to eat humble pie.

But seriously, I think that it is time for the two parties to get over the party lines and work together. We are so divided by what state we belong to and what party we are that sometimes things get shot down for the pure reason that it is the wrong party. America is a mess, our education system is in a horrible state, medical costs are soaring, people are tired of the war in Iraq, stem cell research is mis-represented, tax law benefits the rich not those who need it and we are tired of the lies and corruption. Now, I am not saying that the party I favor is scandal and corrupt free. But it is time for our voted and selected representatives to get to work and make us stronger and respected in the global stage.

To celebrate I am wearing my sapphire cross to symbolize the blue victory and to represent that we need help from above to be stronger.

Their work is just beginning...

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