Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Such a mush

I've been a bit weepy for the past few days perhaps it is hormones or perhaps I am just weepy. Comcast has not helped either. Since I don't have school, I've been catching up on some free movies and since last night I saw two movies both made me sniffy. the one that I started last night was "Benny and Joon" and the second one that I just finished was "84 Charing Cross Road". Both were very cute movies in different ways. I really liked the two of them

I did get a chance to get out today despite the rain, so I went to run an errand. I went to Borders and got my novels for the trip. I decided to give two novels by Zadie Smith a try. I picked up "White Teeth" and "On Beauty" so we'll see how they are. I've read good things about them so hopefully they meet my expectations.

The bf has been busy getting his project done for work so he has been in a legal frame of mind but I know that he will knock it out of the park. I realized why I've been a bit clingy and apologized to him for it. Nobody should be blamed for other's past mistakes and I have to keep in the top of my mind that he is a different person. I love him and I know that he loves me too. That I keep in my heart.

Almost done packing oh and I painted the Tootsie! I leave in two days...ack!

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