Friday, November 10, 2006


I was on fire yesterday! I had two presentations to do one at work and the last one for my class and I rocked them both. My presentation at work was very weird because we did not know who the customer/prospect was and why the president was giving the tour. But as it turns out it was not a customer and there is something fishy going on. I have my suspicions about what it can be and it will be a very interesting few months! Regardless, I was awesome and I went in with confidence and knowing my stuff.

Last night was our team presentation for my last CIB class. We were the last presentation and we kicked butt! The class really was receptive to our idea and the team did a great job presenting. Afterwards we went to the Demon's Den for a few drinks and it was nice to do that with everyone. I decided to take a cab home rather than venture on the green line after 10. So I got home showered and then fell asleep.

Tonight I will head to the Bf's apartment and we plan on a quiet weekend. He has a project to work on and I need to catch up on sleep!

Just got to get through the day.............

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