Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas exchange

The USPS gods must have felt some pity because my "mysterious gift" arrived. So I rang the BF and we decided to do the gift exchange last night as I leave tomorrow. So when I got there he took Yukon out and I put their gifts on the table. She found her toy and proceeded to play and then we exchanged our gifts.

Now that he has his gifts I can reveal...I got him a class at The Chopping Block (he wants to take knife classes), a subscription to Cooks Illustrated and a photo frame for a photo to come later.

He gave me a beautiful pair of earrings, an "egg" plant to take care of (easier than a puppy) and tickets to see "Mamma Mia" on New Year's Eve! I loved them all!

We had take out and watched an awesome movie American Splendor! It was a nice quiet celebration. I am so going to miss him but at least I will have my phone!

Today is my last work day of the year and I swear people in "power" are such asses. I hate the whole power trip play. I guess that it makes up for a deficiency!

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