Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What an adventure it was!

Well I am back from my cruise and it was one hell of an adventure. Here is the day by day breakdown:

It was cold day and the prediction of a major snowstorm caused American Airlines to cancel all their flights including ours. Midwest mama was on the phone to get all 9 of us on a plane to Orlando and we were finally booked on a United flight to leave at the same time. But as the night wore on, there was a debate over whether or nor we will be able to leave but at that point we could only guess. So we went to bed unsure.

We were woken up at 3:45 and we got ready and dressed and the car came at 5 and we headed to the airport and the flight was still ready to go! Sure enough we boarded and were set to go. Then the de-icers came and tried to get the snow and ice off the plane but that was not successful. Then the only runway was not shoveled and we sat at the gate for FIVE hours….basically we could have got to Florida and back to Chicago. As that ws not bad enough there were these two children that did not behave they were toddlers who screamed, cried, threw temper tantrums in the aisle while their parents sat and did nothing. In fact mommy dearest used her cell phone as a speaker phone to have her conversation. These kids were so bad and we were all ready to beat them.

So we then headed out at around 11 and got to Orlando at 3:30. We had to get to the port at 4:30 and there was a 45 minute drive! So we ran through the airport and waited 20 minutes for our bags. Then we ran to our van to our port and the driver speed to get us there. Our travel agent (an angel) contacted the port manager and the security manager to as them to hold the boat. We got to the port at 4:35 and we booked it on board. After we got there they closed the door. We made it on the ship!!!

We watched the ship depart and sat! We were just so glad and relived to have made the ship. We had a nice dinner and then N and I explored the ship and decided to sit in the hot tub that evening. It was a bit rough as we were really booking it to hit Nassau.

We spend the morning at the pool and just hanging out in the sun! We then pulled up to Nassau at around 11 and then had a quick lunch and then departed the ship. We took a water taxi to Paradise island and then went to Atlantis and walked around the hotel. It was beautiful. It was just so funny because it was 87 degrees and there was Caribbean Christmas music. It was surreal but lovely.

N and I walked around the straw market and pretty much got out of there as soo as we could it was a weird because everyone was a bit pushy for you to buy something. As we got out of there we went to a few liquor stores and then we looked at jewelry stores (I wanted to see if I could get a diamond pendent for my 30th). As we were going into one, a man offered us a doobie! We walked away as fast as we could and headed back to the ship. That evening was formal night and we got dressed up for dinner and it was very good! Afterwards, we changed and a few of us went back to shore to have a drink at Senor Frogs. It was fun and the drink was awesome! Loved the Frog log and I would get it again! We headed back to the ship and N and I headed for a soak in the hot tub! Then to the midnight buffet which had an amazing chocolate rum


My toes in the clear water note the cute pedi!

After breakfast we headed to Coco Cay and sat on the beach! The water was crystal blue and it was just a perfect day to do nothing! The kids played on the beach, swam, made sand castles and looked for sea shells. I actually fell asleep on the beach (with sunscreen). I had a very relaxing day on the beach. That evening I went shopping and got my diamond pendant. Then N and I took a last walk around the boat and had dinner with a final go around!

We had our final breakfast on the ship then disembarcked by color and number so N and I were the first off of the ship out of the group so we got all the bags. Afterwards we headed back to Orlando's airport and headed home.

Home was such a mess. It snowed about 8 inches and it took over 30 minutes to clean off my car (even with the engine on). I headed home and found a lovely sheet of ice in my parking space. So I got most of my things went upstairs and then headed to see the BF. I was so glad to see him because I really really missed him. Plus I wanted to give him his Jonny Walker Gold and a big kiss. It was our 6 month anniversary too so it was very special for me!

Today I slept and napped and dragged my suitcase up to the apt. But now I am getting ready for work tomorrow. I don't wanna go back to the office.

Overall, it was a good trip but now I have realized a few things most importantly don't travel with kids...ever!

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