Monday, December 11, 2006

On the mend

I am feeling better, not grab-your-shoes-and-let's-tango better but better. I slept a wee bit better last night but it was hot! The BF had the window open and it was still very hot, I think that his landlord is cranking up the heat to make up for the lack of heat last week when it was in the teens! So it was a night of the cover dance, one minute you are cold then next you are hot and so on. The lucky BF has today off so he got to sleep in or at least I hope so.

I must say that I am fortunate to have him. He took such care of me this weekend and all I had was a cold. Last night he made a very yummy dinner and packed me a lunch. I am so spoiled by him.

Well this weekend we did venture out over the weekend. We spent money at Target and I got some gifts for my co-workers. I am slowly getting it all accomplished but I have one more co-worker gift to get. Have to think about that one though. We finally had a meal at Hamburger Mary's. and it was delish! Although our waiter was a bit gay bitchy! GP bought a cool pair of shoes and I looked at Uggs....I just looked at them. I am too broke to even think about buying a pair. Yesterday we wandered around Lincoln Square and at headed back to his place where I napped and he played his new computer game.

I am not thrilled to be back at work...never am I suppose.

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