Friday, December 15, 2006


I had an interesting random conversation the other day with JT and we started talking about words and what words we like. He likes to say "abat-jour" which means blind in French. I told him that my two current favorite words are draconian and sycophant. I just like the way the sound when I say it. Plus nobody this this office knows what I mean (but some pretend to) so I use "sycophant" right in front of the sycophant.

Some of my other favorite words or expressions included: ode, hope,"joie de la vie" (joy of life in French), schlep, putz, schmuck, (all in Yiddish) corazon (heart in Spanish), bella (beautiful in Italian), muse, and sapphire.

I have many more but maybe I will save them for another day!


Jessica said...

Hi Christina,

Just stopped by from Sherri's blog.

I love "draconian" and "sycophant," too! Other favorites (I don't know why) are ducky and sundry.

Christina said...

Hello Jessica,

"Ducky" that is an awesome one. It seems so good for a little one. I also like "cheeky".

Thanks for stopping by, I read your blog too. Congratulations on the little one!