Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cold to the bones

This morning it just feels like the cold weather has made it all the way to the bones. I just want to cuddles up in bed with the cat and just veg out. We are expecting some more snow today and I am so over this already.

Last night I dreamt that I was in a Key West hotel in shorts. It was just a dream though and I am not happy it did not magically come true.

We are getting ready for the holidays. I am thinking of what we can eat on Christmas eve as we are spending the day with the BF's fam. I am thinking of making an anti-pasto platter for us to munch on during the course of the day. Who does not like cheese, crackers and dried meat? For dinner I am wanting to continue the theme so I am thinking of making spinach and prosciutto ricotta lasagna or actually make some homemade raviolis with a nice trio of cheese stuffing. Dessert will be optional and wine will be flowing and it will just be the two of us by the tree with the fireplace going.

I can't wait.


Slick said...

Some what kind of lasagna??

Speak english please....

Oh, it's going to be 68 or 69 here today ;)

Christina said...

It is lasagna with some bits of cured pork and it is gooooood.

Oh you and your weather suck!