Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not a record

It only took me three and a half hours to get home from work yesterday.

My record is four.

I so hate this weather!


Nilsa said...

A few years ago, there was a storm, similar to yesterday's, only worse. When I had been in my car for an hour, my boss called and asked if I wanted to turn around and stay with him and his wife instead. I thought, nooooo, my longest commute had been two hours up until then, there's no way it could be that much worse. Oh, but it was. I was on the phone with a girlfriend when I had to get off. There were at least 15 cars spun out ahead and I had to make the quick decision to get off the highway at that exit and get right back on (thus avoiding the mess). During that commute, I spoke with my parents at one point. My (good) mother was worried. She asked that I call her when I got home. I promised I would. A little after 9 that night, she called back, miffed that I forgot to call. Oh, but I hadn't, because I was still in the car. My commute that day took me over SIX HOURS. Since then, at the slightest sign of bad snow, either my boss sends me home early or I opt to work from home (which I did yesterday). Spending hours in a car in hazardous conditions just isn't worth it. Thankfully my boss is on the same page as me.

Christina said...

N-Your boss rocks!

A simliar thing happened to me about two years ago, it was very similar to yesterday and I called ny boss in NY to ask her if I can leafe an hour earlier and she said that it would be best if I stayed but if it got worse to leave.

so I stayed until 5, it took me four hours to get home. I even stopped at my friend's house to use the bathroom. My mother was calling me every 30 minutes and once I got home I called my boss and LVM that I was not coming in the next day.

Now, I have a laptop and can work from home. Which I was planning to do tomorrow but the prez will be in and I am not sure if I need to be here as he is now the champion of my project!


Slick said...



Did you take a tent today? Or maybe just a hammock...

Christina said...

No hammock but I am filling my car up with food and something to drink.

Diana said...

It took me one hour to drive from Orleans and Ontario to Greektown. That typically is a 5 minute drive. Sometimes less, depending on how fast I'm driving. lol

Then another hour to get home. We stayed off the main streets and rode down Fulton Market, which is still a little bit sketchy in some parts. GREEEEAT. But I would have been in traffic a lot longer had I taken Grand Ave or even the Kennedy. No thanks! :)

About 8 years ago I was working in Schaumburg and it took me 4 hours to get home during a snowstorm. My sister complained all the way home, although I was the one doing the driving!! Jeez.

I'm so grateful that I live a lot closer to home and have the option of working at home as well. I only went to the office yesterday because I had to.

Yay, winter! (not)

I'm done complaining now. :)