Friday, December 26, 2008

A mellow merry

We spent the day with the BF's fam yesterday. We finally got out of our iced in parking spot and headed west for the day. It was very mellow and quiet, the girls got a Wii so they were busy with the games and their toys so they were kept very busy. The food was delish and I made two dishes

One was this easy cheese puff appetizer that was just made with butter, flour, Guyer cheese, salt and some Cayenne pepper. It was so easy, if anyone wants the recipe let me know. The second was the chocolate crinkle cookies that I made this past weekend. Both were hits.

Before Christmas I went to the Chopping Block and it was one of the best, the food that they made was so delish. They made awesome margaritas, this cheese Focaccia bread with a three cheese spread, salty Carmel brownies, truffle fries and steamed mussels. It was the highlights of some popular restaurants and they were all so wonderful.

Today we went to a local mall and I finally bought a pair of jeans! I also got another pair of pants, a cute sweater and stocked up on some refills of my sephroa favs.

We are getting ramped up for more wedding to dos. It is easier said than done. Guess who has to spend two weeks in NJ for work?

Now that the holidays are over, we have a lot of wedding things to do.

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