Thursday, December 11, 2008

This or that

I am indecisive, I have knack for delaying or not making certain decisions. If we are out and want to get a bite to eat, I am open for all suggestions. Yet, if I am wanting a specific item or I am starving then I will be more likely to pick a place.

I can also make decisions if one of the two scenarios is horrible or just does not work. It is especially hard when I have to make a choose between two good things but can only get one. That makes the decision very VERY hard. Weighting the pros and cons over and over again only to be back in the beginning. Even harder when we have a time pressure and have to make a decision today.

Where is my magic 8 ball. Oh yea it broke...


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Nilsa said...

Didn't you know? The magic 8-ball is so yesterday. Today? It's the blogosphere! That's right, you're supposed to put out your questions for us to read. And we'll help you decide!!!