Monday, December 22, 2008

Iced in

My car is encased in a block of ice, I tried to dig it out, I tried to warm up the car and it is not working. I could not move it. So I gave up trying so I went back inside and plugged into work from home.

Today at 6:30 it was -20 with the wind chill. My key chain was so cold when I got in the condo that I could not hold them without gloves for very long. I still have the chill in my bones. I may work in front of the fireplace just to warm up.

We had a very lazy weekend, I made cookies, wrapped the last of the presents and did laundry. It was great to finally have a low key weekend without a lot of running around or errands to do.

I just want it to warm up.


Jessica said...

The bad weather has been missing us. It's awesome. ;)

Nilsa said...

I just bought feet warmers at lunch. Our office is ridiculously chilly. Even the guys are still wearing their jackets. Brrrr.