Monday, December 01, 2008

Wedding weekend numero uno

So this weekend was full blown wedding weekend!

Saturday my mom and I went to look at dresses. Nilsa (thanks girl) recommended one person at the salon and lo and behold, I found my dress. I know that you are all wanting to know and since you are all excited, here is a sneak peek:
Stunning isn't it. I got to work on my abs oh and fake bake!

Actually I am not going to say a word about my dress until I walk down the asile. All I will say is that it is pretty and not what I expected it to be.

I also picked out my bridesmaid's dresses. I am giving them the option of picking their own dress. I picked the designer the color, the length and fabric, the rest is up to them. I want them to feel comfortable and hopefully wear the dress again. I think that they are excited to pick what they want to wear too.

Sunday the three of us went to a bridal expo. It was okay, I was expecting more vendors especially when in came to photographers. The BF liked the cake tasting and tolerated the craziness of too many women in one room.

We also showed my mom the church and the reception venue so that she can safely report that we are not getting married in a hovel.

What I need is a few days of non wedding stuff. But my gocco comes this week so this coming weekend we will be playing with it!

In non wedding news. My mother was tolerable for the most part. The BF noticed that she is the queen of underhanded comments. I have decided to ignore them and proceed with life. She has safely landed in NY and it will be a while before she returns.

Last night I made this awesome chicken dish that we learned in class a few weeks back. It was chicken in a Dijon cream sauce. If anyone wants the recipe, let me know. It was so good and easy!


Nilsa said...

You're welcome. I love Nidia. She's such a dear. Now, aren't you going to at least tell us the color, length and designer of the bridesmaids dresses? So exciting!!! We went to see our photos over the weekend and all I can say is: SWOON!

Slick said...


That dress shows cleavage.

If we're getting to vote on it, count 3 votes for me..ok??

Amber said...

O.o! I cannot wait to see your REAL dress.

You totally had me there for a second with the picture and I was kind of shocked that you'd picked that.

And then I finished reading the entry. Haha, you got your joke on, girl!

Sounds like things are moving full-speed ahead!

I'm glad you and the BF got to spend a nice thanksgiving in the Big Apple. I was just there, too, but only for a two hour layover :( so I didn't get to see/do much. But the energy of the city from what I *did* get to see, was AMAZING! I would go back there in a heartbeat if given the opportunity.

You sound busy... I hope you're certainly taking time for yourself to breathe and relax, though!

And? I love the idea you're going with for your bridesmaids.

I'm sure your wedding is going to be amazing and I, for one, can hardly wait to see the pics!


I've missed you and your blog, friend! Sorry I haven't been around much as of late.