Monday, December 08, 2008

Santa baby!

This morning I got up and got ready for work and not a soul was up. The BF took this whole week off "cause he can" and both pets could not be bothered with getting up if daddy wasn't getting up. So not fair! But he has his be fair it does include video game time.

This weekend was a Christmas weekend. We got our first tree and put it up. The BF wanted to get a real one and I have not had a tree in 6 years or so. We were very excited and it looks lovely. The beasts are not impressed by it although now that it has been a few days, the cat is pondering how to use the bulbs to his advantage. We also got some of his nieces Christmas gifts and one of them has a birthday next week so we got her gift. Plus I made cookies, tons of cookies in fact. So we have enough to feed a small army! We gave some out yesterday to the BF's dad.

Yesterday, we got our gocco! I am so excited. Now the crazy invitation planning can start to commence. I have tons of ideas, it is hard to keep up with them. I need some time to get organized! I need a week off myself….sadly I just have only a few days at the holidays.

Do you think Santa can bring me more time off?


Nilsa said...

Is it so wrong that I read it as, the breasts were not impressed??? Sigh.

Christina said...


Yea, they were not impressed either!