Monday, December 15, 2008

I ate, therefore I am.

On Saturday, Diana , CBN and I had a girls only foodie day. We started off with tapas at one of the hands down best tapas places ever...Tapas Barcelona. I seriously crave their olives and I don't typically like olives. We then hopped in the car and headed to the Spice House where we stocked up on a few things. We wandered around a bit and CBN dragged us (OK not really dragged) to the Great Harvest Bread Co. I got this amazing asiago pesto bread (Oh and half of a Chocolate babka which is bread with chocolate chips baked in the middle, we have maybe a slice of that left). We then headed back into the car to go to Cauputo's Italian grocery store for cheese and Italian delicacies.

Afterwards we came back to my place to make some carmel apple crepes and chocolate peppermint martinis. We all had a blast and I for one am still full of food!

Yesterday, we went to the BF's niece's 2nd birthday in west bumblefuck. Each time we go out there it seems longer and longer. The birthday girl was in the cutest outfit and her cake was a 3-d of Elmo's head. There must have been at least 5 inches of frosting because they replicated fur. It was amazing but a wee bit freaky because it was a head on a silver platter....seriously freaking weird. We got out of there before the sugar hit the blood stream of the under 10 crowd and we did not partake in any cake.

Once we got back to the city AKA civilization, I wrapped a few presents, wrote the rest of my cards and got another Christmas gift from the BF.

It was destine to be an icy morning and I had to make sure I was ready for the trip! I am so over winter!


Slick said...

Sounds like a busy weekend...yuck.

Winter? It's supposed to get to 70 degrees here this week :)

Anonymous said...

That list of places is like a greatest hits of places I like to eat and shop for stuff to cook with. Am jealous.

Nilsa said...

Sounds like a lovely day with the girls. Though I could do without the ice of today, too. And of course it happens on the day when I have to be in the office and have a ton to do. Gah!

Jessica said...

Did you get a pic of the cake? Maybe it was a bona fide cake wreck. :)