Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Pay for the play


It is about time that Bloggo got bagged.

I have utter contempt for people regardless of their political affiliation who are voted in to office yet are greedy, manipulative, self-serving, and corrupt. The rumors around have been buzzing for years. True he is innocent until proving guilty but if it quacks like a duck....

Well, this will be an interesting turn of events.

I admire Patrick Fitzgerald, especially when he was on "Wait, wait don't tell me" last year. He recounted a story of when he had a free Sunday and decided to make himself a roasted chicken, he put it in the oven, got called in to work, turned off the oven and left the bird in there....for two months! Goes to show us he has his moments too but he is never one to back down!

In other news, I am not sure how I can afford these next few months. The repayment of student loans have taken a big dent out of my disposable income. If I do get a raise, it will be effective in March...a big IF. I have also cut back on what I will give out for Christmas, no longer shop at the bigger grocery stores and have put off replacing a pair of jeans. I am thinking of getting a second job like so many others. I just got this huge medical bill (thanks co-insurance) and I am not sure how much I can leech off my savings.

Frankly, it sucks and it stresses me out to the point of tears.


Chris said...

I know what you mean. I'm also looking for a second job, even though I just got a small raise at work. Really, really, really sucks. AND we're supposed to be paying for/planning weddings?!

Nilsa said...

In what other state can you be driving through a nasty snow storm the day your governor gets arrested, mere weeks after your Senator gets elected President? hahaha - we are lucky, aren't we?!

About getting the second job ... think about where you spend money and could use a discount. Whether it's a grocery store or a gym ... oftentimes when you work retail, you not only make some extra cash, but you wind up spending less $$ on the things you buy anyway!

paisana said...

@ your comment;

Yes, it does seem to get worse every year and I still have nightmares of last year, when there was snow on the ground from November to April.

I understand that NYC doesn't get hit quite so hard (more temperate being on the ocean? I don't know)... perhaps a move to manhattan is in order?