Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego going on her honeymoon?

So the BF is off this week and has been working on some things that are on our wedding to do list. Specifically, DJs, tuxs, save the date ideas and finally honeymoon stuff.

Early on (even before we got engaged) we were always talking about where we are going to go, what we are going to eat, what we want to see. The list is ever expanding and never is short of ideas.

After the engagement, we were narrowing down ideas. Early this year, before the hobo breaking into the building issue that made us buy a condo, we wanted to go to Paris. We looked at flights, hotels and what we would do for a week. Then we decided to go for broke and purchased our place so Paris was shelved.

We we also talking about Spain, the food, the culture, the country. There were lots of travel shows and Specifically this one. One day out of the blue, the BF informed me that he wanted to go to Barcelona! So we were set, we were going to go to Barcelona.

I've been to Barcelona once in high school and since we were there for a short time (two days) I have a few memories. So I am excited to go especially with the BF!

We have decided to take two weeks for our honeymoon since we have the vacation time and after dealing with the craziness of the wedding and mostly dealing with my mother (a source of stress for me at most times of the year). However, two weeks in Barcelona might be too much for me. It is not a large city so the activities are limited after a few days. Sure the food will be awesome but I can't eat iberico ham all the time...oh wait yes I can...never mind.

So I mentioned that perhaps we can split up our weeks, spend one week in Barcelona and another somewhere else. Perhaps Madrid, Seville or another area. Last night he mentioned that he wants to go to Paris and Barcelona.

I've been to Paris with the high school group and had a great time. But, I really want to see more of Spain and after reading the guide book we got from my brother, I want to spend a few months exploring Spain. However, the BF has never been to Europe and wants to make the most of the opportunity.

So here are the options:
1-Paris and Barcelona
2-Add another week to our honeymoon (we both can do this but this leaves me with 5 vacation days left)
3-Another part of Spain and Barcelona.

We really do not want to spend a lot of time traveling from one location to another. We are also wanting to be centrally located so we are going to get an apartment for each week.

So what would you do in this situation? I look at it as we can't lose!


Nilsa said...

I've been to Barcelona a number of times ... I really love that city. People will tell you there are only a few days of activity there, but I've spent a week there and had plenty to do. A fun day trip from Barcelona is to go to Sitges (about 45 minutes away on a commuter train), which is a fun little beach town along the coast. I have a great, centrally located hotel recommendation for you, if you're looking for one.

Personally, I say skip Madrid. I thought it was only alright ... but pales in comparison to Barcelona. And since the BF hasn't been to many other places in Europe, I say the second part of your trip should be devoted to another country ... if you don't want to do Paris because you've been there before, pick someplace else. Rome? Oh la la. Sounds like you can't lose whatever you choose!

Anonymous said...

I'd do Paris and Barcelona. You can do an overnight train from Barcelona to Paris, so transit is easy and there is a TON to do in Paris to keep you busy for a week. Granted, I'm biased, as I studied abroad there and we took a trip there a few years ago where we rented an apartment and it was an amazingly happy, fun time.