Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dragging my feet

I did not sleep well last night, it was a combo of the cold, the not so good Chinese food and the fact that I had to return back to work after being out for over a week! I have gone through my emails and I am caught up! One email struck me, the "request" of personal information for a government background check. I knew that this was in the works but it does kind of aggravate me because it is not obligatory it is mandatory. I just hate giving some really personal info to people who are not in HR but, I am forced to.

Anyway, here is my resolution...to find a new job! Although that is a running one. I really made an effort to do so yesterday and I found some new job leads so far. Fingers crossed!

Yesterday we spent time with the BF's fam. It was very mellow afternoon watching the Rose Bowl and eating the aforementioned bad Chinese food. The BF and I were being very silly with each other and he had a lot of fun playing playstation with his nephew. It was a good day.

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