Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Almost mid-term time

For the past few days, I've been engrossed in finance. Not just the mid-term that will be this evening but also the 18 question assignment that the professor decided to post late Friday. It was due last night at 10! So on top of the 6 1/5 chapters to review, the past assignments to review and the sample mid-term problems to review I had homework. I was so frustrated, it actually brought me to tears because I am a perfectionist that once I started my homework I *needed* to finish it despite my eye fatigue from looking at the spreadsheet. The BF had to calm me down and forced me to turn off my computer, put the books away and get to bed. He was right!

Anyway, so as you can imagine, I am sick and tired of finance. I'll be glad when the exam is over that way it is done and over with. After this class only 4 more to go. Then I am going to lynch my notebook, sell my text book and then use e-bay to sell my financial calculator. Oh and I am going to have a nice expensive drink...and a pedi.


Superstar said...

~shakes head~
I have to start my Masters program soon!
I do remember sleeping in a couple of Business law classes...That was *yawn* an encyclopedia..not a text book!

Christina said...

Good luck with that! I am fortunate I don't have to take business law...i had to take stats though and that was evil!