Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Idle brushes

I paint well it is more along the lines of I used to paint. I used to run home and if it was sunny sit in my sun room with the CDs playing and my brush adding touch ups to my recent paintings. Sometimes, I let unfinished ones sit for a while because I get bored and then frustrated and then inspired to finish them. But there are a few that have been sitting there untouched in over a year. In fact, I have on on my easel as I type this taunting me with

"Come on I know you want to. You want to mix colors don't ya, yea you do. It will only take a second."

But I ignore the calling. Why, you ask. Because I don't have the time with school, homework, work, cleaning and hanging with the BF. Well this weekend, the BF and I went to Blick and I was surrounded by paint colors, brushes, pens, pencils, framing material, canvas. I was itching to buy the store and grab my brushes and go. But I did not...there are some work things that are preventing me from going nuts. Not to mention, the constraints on my time.

After November when I am done with the MBAs, I hope to pick up my brushes, blast some music and just paint until I am exhausted and covered in specks of color. Fingers crossed!


Jessica said...

Yeah, painting seems like it would be really expensive.

Christina said...

I actually depends, Student paint is lower quality paint but in my opnion it is just the same as artist quality and it is cheaper.

Oil paint and its accessories are what can cost you an arm and a leg...I don't know how to use that medium yet. So it is saving me $