Sunday, February 25, 2007

Frustrating team mates and the better part of the weekend

I just gotta vent...

I am working on a pretty intensive team project for my international marketing class with two teammates. They are male and the only reason I am saying this is that the two of them are in this challenge to be right. So, even though they are polite about it, the two of them make things harder than it needs to be.

At this point we have only a few more weeks to get this project done, written, presentation created and proofed before it is due. Well today I get an email that we have another conference call today. I got it after the fact and nobody called to tell me so they proceeded with the chat and made changes to the plan. In fact it was two steps back!

So now I am pissed off! I send them an email to ask them why they did not call me and why now have they decided to make changes? I am still waiting for an answer. Our professor has told us we can make assumptions so damn it lets make a few assumptions and proceed!

I am getting so tired of this. I mean at this point we have to move forward not backwards. I swear between this nonsense and the crap that is finance, I can not wait for this quarter to be over.

Thankfully, I have a nice Bellini in from of me that the bf made. It is taking the frustration away

On to the weekend update:
-Friday we had dinner at Kitsch'n , where I had a Tang (yep Tang) martini. We really enjoyed our dinner there, it will be a do over place.
-Saturday we and ran errands. I bought jewelry at a trunk sale. Joann was there and she had some beautiful pieces, most were half off and I got some good deals on two necklaces and two pairs of earrings (one is a gift for a friend). There is something about retail therapy.
-the BF went ga ga here and got a few new things
-Last night we went to see a performance at the Chicago Theater where we saw a show called "terracotta warriors". It was okay, I thought the dancing was so beautiful and the soloist had this voice that was out of this world. We braved snow, ice and sleet to see the show and it was nice. There was this one interpretive dance sex scene that you had to know what it was to really understand it from the dancing and then this family grabbed their 7 year old and dragged her out of the theater! Poor kid had no idea why.
-Today we had brunch with a friend at this cafe called the over easy cafe. The strawberry rhubarb French toast was to die for!

Tomorrow is the start of another week. Why do I get the back to school feeling of dread on Sunday nights?


Jessica said...

It's a good thing that you added "yep, a Tang martini" b/c otherwise I'd be asking you to verify. :)

Jessica said...

Was it sufficiently tangy?

Christina said...

It was a decent drink, very VERY loaded. It has been decades since I had tang! Remember it is what the astronauts drank in space...dehydration at its finest!

Jessica said...

I'll bet Tang is what caused that crazy, love-starved astronaut to go over the edge.

Christina said...

Very true, hopefully the few shots of vodka in mine diluted the madness associated with Tang!