Wednesday, February 14, 2007 love or despise?

Well it snowed yesterday for about 11 hours, then with the wind, you had wind gusts up to 4 feet! My boss was merciful and allowed us to leave at 1, I made it home in less than an hour because the roads were not too crowded and I took a major highway. The local roads were a mess, and many were not plowed!

I got home and defrosted! But I got tons of things done! I read a chapter and half of my finance homework, paid some bills, shredded some paperwork, did some dishes, took an early shower, watched TV and caught up on some of my favorite blogs! It is amazing how much I can get done in the middle of the day in the middle of the week! Tomorrow I hope to read some things for my marketing class and finish the case study!

This morning, it took me 20 minutes to dig out my car and back up. I had to shovel, dig out the wheels, and slowly back up. It was so annoying, I almost gave up and called in. But it would have been a waste of a lazy day that I can use in the future. I was only a half hour late and my boss was cool with that, I don't need to take a short lunch to make up the time. She is very reasonable with things like that!

I don't want to go to class tonight, it is going to be freezing and standing waiting for the EL, is not on my top ten things to do today. Alas, I have no choice but on the upside 3 more finance classes to go before the final! Wooohooo!

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