Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ready to pop a "big apple" cherry

I've been teasing the BF that I will pop his NY cherry this weekend. We are heading to the Big Apple and he has never been to NY so, I am very excited to show him around.

It was actually his idea to head east so that he can meet my dad, my brother and Charlie. So we found a cheap trip to NY. I was really honored and touched that he wanted to meet my family and see where I grew up.

On top of all the visiting, we are going to spend Saturday at the AMNH and then for dinner we are going to meet up with my friends P and her hubby! We are thinking of dinner in Little Italy.
But there are tons of good eats so that may change. It is going to be a balmy 30 degree so we may walk around the village. I can't wait. This will give him a feel and flavor of that city of mine so that we when we go backin the summer, we will have more to see and more to do.

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Jessica said...

My Big Apple cherry is likely to remain intact forever. I'm a small-town girl, and I like it that way. I don't long for the shopping, which people always site as the predominant advantage to living in civilization. I will, however, freely admit to longing for the museums. Oh well. It's the price I pay for trees and wildlife.