Saturday, February 03, 2007

Public heartfelt apology...

Also known as I am a little shit!

I owe this to my wonderful, boyfriend who is the sweetest, kindest, silliest and loving person that I have ever had in my life.

This morning we were talking about shoes and I mentioned that I wanted new sneakers. The problem is that I am a size 4 so I have to look in the kids section to find them. So I told him tha tI wanted Pumas. But I was not really happy with the selection, too kiddie for me. So he hopped on the computer to look them up. I was in bed about 10 feet away without my glasses...he pulled up these sneakers. I did not have my glasses on so I thought that they were brown and I said that I was looking for a white pair. "oh shit" he said. I sat up and I said, "Did I just ruin your Valentine's gift?". He nodded his head and said yes.

I felt so horrible. So he goes to his closet and pulls out the shoes. He at least wanted for me to try them on. I loved them when I saw them and I felt so horrible. I tried them on and they fit perfectly and I adored them. But I crushed him and I felt so bad, I hugged and kissed him and told him that I loved them and that I was so so sorry. I just felt so horrible because he though of this all by himself and he was (and should) be proud. I wore them out to breakfast and I do love them. I am already planning outfits!

So to my boyfriend, Honey, I am sorry. I love the shoes! Every time, I look at them I will think of you and your thoughtfulness. You never cease to amaze me!

I love you for who you are, for the laughs, for the support, for the joy that you bring to me each and every moment. You are more than I could ever hope for, and more than I can ever want. You are the one I waited for, my best friend, my biggest cheerleader, my strongest support and my ardent comedian.

I love you!


Sherri said...

Awww.... that was very sweet.

Valentines day is my 5th wedding anniversary. I'm stuck 'celebrating' my wedding anniversary at an ice fishing tournament.


Christina said...

Hi Sherri,

Wow, ice fishing on your anniversary. That must be love, he better get you some carbon "ice" for that!

Jessica said...

Christina, he sounds great. You should marry him! *wink, wink.*

By the way, size four? What the hell?

Christina said...

Hi Jessica!

Yep he is a keeper!

I know size 4 is horrible! It is so hard to find nice (aka non kiddie or non-grandma) shoes!