Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Back from the apple back into the snow

Well, we are back from our trek to NY. It was such a great trip and the BF and I had such a great time. Our trip into Laguardia was a bit harrowing due to some fierce winds, it was a bumpy landing. But once we got back on land we hit the ground running. We vegged out at my parent's house and Charlie B was soooo excited to see us, it was so funny, he did not know what to make of the surprise visit. The BF and I caught up with the Independent film channel, we love that channel and my parents have it at their house.

We all went to dinner at a local pizza restaurant and it was as good as always. They have the best mozzarella sticks, hot gooey and cheesy. Then the BF got to try some amazing New York pizza not the "New York" style pizza! He loved it, we got a pie called the four seasons so each quarter has a different topping so mine had meat balls and tomatoes, his had shaved sausage and pepperoni. For dessert he had one of their popular cannolis and I had chocolate covered strawberries.

On Saturday we went to NYC and spent the day walking all over the place. I showed the BF Grand Central station . We wandered around the stores and played in the whispering gallery. Then we wandered around the market in the station and ate the food with our eyes.

Then we headed to the museum where we loved the butterfly exhibit. It was amazing and beautiful. Here are some photos of the butterflies that we saw. This was just a few of the ones that were flying all over the place. I would so love to replicate this in a garden!

After that and a quick lunch, we headed to look at some of the dioramas and the fossils of the dinosaurs and the prehistoric animals.
It is such an amazing museum and we saw most of it.

Afterwards, we went to Soho...the BF bought me a tee shirt that it was based on an old pulp fiction comic book. I bought a bead necklace and then we wandered into Evolution. Where we were greeted by:
We bought some butterflies conserved in glass. the BF wanted a stuffed squirrel but it was not purchased.

Afterwards, we went to dinner with my friends and it was so much fun. The food was so yummy and we ate and drank and laughed! It was a blast.

Sunday was a lazy day and then mom made a great dinner and we had a family dinner. I did not really speak to my brother and his fiance was not chatty. So whatever.

Then yesterday we headed home just before the snow began.

Today it took me 2 hours to get to work then they let me go at 1. So it was a bit of an annoying trip home but I made it in one piece and I am glad to be inside!


Jessica said...

I love museums. I'm jealous! We don't have any real museums for miles and miles.

Christina said...

The art instute in Chicago is having free days until the 21st! I have to make it there!