Thursday, February 01, 2007

So, I will fit sleep in when?

I am tired, not just normal tired but sleepy. I have the memory of the Seinfeld episode when George builds a bed under his desk to take naps. I am plotting to do that but the carpet is disgusting!

I've been very tired for the past week of so and I have been sleeping well. I think that part of it is my weird hours because the days I have school I am out of the house from 6:20-9:45 (if I catch the EL right after class). Then the days I don't have school, I have all my errands and running around to do. It has caught up with me. Plus, I rarely see the sun due to my schedule and that may have something to do with it. The BF also suggested I may be low on vitamin C as that helps. So I brought my vitamin C drops with me to work and they may prove useful, I will be the guinea pig and report back.

But here is the kicker, looking ahead I have only one day to sleep in until two weeks. Here is my schedule (I am taking a deeeep breath).

Tonight-errands, finish my section of the group project for international marketing and start to study for my finance mid-term and squeeze in "The Office" and pack for the bf's house during the commercial breaks...oh and shower.

Tomorrow-email project notes to team mates, study at least 2 chapters in Finance but want to hit 3. Drive to BF's apartment, pet dog, cuddle with BF over pizza as we catch up and then fall asleep.

Saturday-Get up earlier (AKA before 10:30) to run errands and grab breakfast with BF, review my teammates project notes, have conference call with said team mates (hopefully less than an hour), whine to BF about how long winded team mates are, pet the dog, make another pie for Sunday. Study finance, fall asleep at around 9 exhausted.

Sunday-Get up early to get some studying done. I Plan on having done all the major studying by this time. Grab pie and other snack foods and head to BF's dad's house with a detour at another "nerd" store on the way. Watch the Super Bowl commercials and pretend to watch the Bears win. (Side note, I find football dull, boring and incomprehensible but, to say that would deny the apple pie and chocolate chip cookies that define this great nation of ours). Head back to Chicago and try not to fall asleep in car.

Monday-Wake up at 5:30, on the road by 6 at work by 7. Go to class and discuss global strategy for 3 hours. Review project with team mate, come home, collapse in bed.

Tuesday-Normal work day. Review notes for mid term tomorrow. Do laundry and review notes again.

Wednesday-At work by 7, go to class...take dreaded mid-term. Brain turns to mush on the ride home. Pack (see below for info) Fall asleep knowing I forgot something.

Thursday-work, attend meeting, head to B's house after work.

Friday-Get up early so we can be at airport for flight to NY. Fall asleep on the plane ride. My weekend with the fam and the BF begins

So you see in the immortal words of the Beastie Boys "No sleep till Brooklyn"....well not Brooklyn this time so I'll rephrase....No Sleep till NY!

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