Saturday, January 27, 2007


Ahh the combo of breakfast and lunch...good stuff. I mean it is basically permission to eat breakfast at 1 in the afternoon and gives it an air of sophistication.

Well today we had brunch with my friend JT. The BF and I ran errands and then went to the U of C to pick up JT. The three of us headed to Ann Sathers. It is a Swedish restaurant This place makes and serves the hottest hot cinnamon buns so that the icing is gooey and warm. I love their pecan french toast with hazelnut cream. It is the kind of food that sticks to you! We had a great time catching up with JT.

On our way back to the car, we found a tea shop so we had to go in. I love tea shops! I got some Lychee tea!

After dropping JT off, we headed to the "nerd store" which is one of the BF's favorite electronic store. Then we headed home.

His brother rang and then came over so the three of us went to grab a bite.

Plus, on top of all the good, I got more than half of my finance hw done.

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