Sunday, January 21, 2007

A much needed weekend

It was the perfect do nothing special weekend!

I got so much done HW wise. My finance hw was not that bad, I got 11/13 problems done in the past two days so go me! I also read all of my international marketing chapters and wrote my portion of the team project and submitted it to my team mates. So I am quiet happy with my progress.

Friday, we had dinner with the Tom Kittens, two friends of ours. We ate like little piggies at Charlie's ale house where they have the BEST toll house pie. It is to die for, seriously it is like the best sex you ever pie form. In fact I want one now. But I digress, it was so much fun to hang with the girls, they are awesome and we laughed and talked so much.

Yesterday was errand day, the BF woke me up telling me that he wanted tacos for dinner. So after our breakfast at bean's n bagels we headed to the grocery store with some detours along the way. After that I did my finance hw and the bf took a nap and then made dinner. We just were lazy last night.

Today was pj day (I hope all celebrated appropriately). I did not get out of my pjs all day (well except when I showered but you get the point). The bf did some tidying up and I attempted to do some HW until the urge to nap became strong. We did watch the Bears beat the Saints (OK confession, he watched the entire game, I only saw the first quarter and the last 10 minutes, I fell asleep in the middle).

Now it is time for sleep and a whole new week ahead, we shall see if the gods smile favorably on me...


Jessica said...

Wait. Stop.

What is toll house pie?

Is it somehow related to that gooey chocolately goodness known as Toll House cookies???

Christina said...

Oh yea baby, imagine chocolate chip cookie dough partially baked with walnuts, put in a lovely fresh pie crust and baked until the center is soft and then drizzled with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. It is amazing!

Jessica said...

I found the recipe! And wouldn't you know it, there was an Atkins diet ad on the same page. Curses!

Christina said...

Ignore the ad, eat the pie