Friday, January 05, 2007

Pet Peeves

We all have them don't we? Well I've come across one of mine two days in a row. It is a simple thing that people can do, does not require security clearance, takes a moment, won't bite nor will it cause injury to is CHANGE THE TOILET PAPER ROLL!

Whew got that one off my chest!

Yep, here at work we have a ladies bathroom and the cleaning person puts a new roll on top of the toilet. So you would think that one of my co-workers would use the last of the roll and then change it....Right...nope does not happen. For the past two days I've been doing it. No mind you, I understand if it is in the supply closets and out of reach but for God's sake they are on top of the toilet! What the hell! It pisses me off so much! One of my house mates in college would do that but she was a nut case (stories for another day)

Other pet peeves:
-people who clip their nails in the office or in public transportation
-boys who walk around with their pants belted near their knees
-people who chew with their mouth open
-hair in the sink
-shoes right near the door (I am to blame for that one, there have been many sprained ankles)

I know that I have more but I can't think of them!

What about you?

On another note, I was quite witty today. I love being witty! One of my sales rep was complaining (and rightfully so) about the lack of attention that the commercial department is paying to a potential $4 million dollar a year bid. So she was saying that she has no reply from them-like the Beatles song. So my response was:

"Help!" otherwise Mr. L will be a "Nowhere Man" I am praying for help from "Lady Madonna" and "Hey Jude" otherwise I will have to start a "Revolution" from "All across the universe" we can't just "let it be". Isn't quote requests "A day in the life" of the commercial dept? Some things "Don't ever change" do they?

Well regardless have a "good day sunshine"! Otherwise "Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da."

Cute huh?


Joe Important said...

Does this mean I should add a new TP roll, pull my pants up and clean the sink?

Big Mama said...

Hey Christina thanks for stopping by my page...
I too have blurked a little over here and I really enjoy your writing style. I will definately be back. Oh and pet peeves, girl I am overwhelmed with them. I can't stand it when my kids address other adults without "ma'am and sir". Down here even the adults address each other that way. I also get irked when the hubby or kids do the dishes and only wash what's in the sink and not the stuff over by the stove or on the counter. Oh and GFBD they actually wipe down the counters when they are done, LOL! I know I am just being picky but hey, you asked, LOL!!! Hope to see you around.

Jessica said...

Oooh, goodie. A chance to rant about pet peeves.

I hate it when commercials use the phrases, "But wait!" and "There's more!" and "That's not all!"

Errors in grammar, spelling, and mechanics. I don't ask a lot. I don't mind so much if I see a mistake in a blog, e-mail, IM, or note. I don't even mind so much when I spot a typo in a newspaper. But when I see a mistake in a menu or an advertisement or on a billboard or marquee. What's the deal? There's not a lot of text to go through. Get it right! Right now at this very moment the local BK is advertising its "TEXSAS WHOPPER" on the marquee.

Christina said...

Sweetie...your pants never are down your knees....

Big Mama....thanks for stopping by. I am like you I have to wash the sink, counter and stove after the dishes. Well when I do the dishes (they sit for a day or two)

Jessica...hi there! I totally know what you mean about the whole public spelling errors. There is a career site that I got to and they have the spelled wrong, it is teh! Drives me nuts!

Jessica said...

Thought of another pet peeve: People who go thru the express checkout aisle with more than the allowed number of items. I hate that!