Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Not THAT Crazy

Ok, I am feeling a bit better about finance, no not the homework but, the fact that all the people who looked at my homework have one thing to say..."your teacher is an ass!"

That is right, he is an ass!

I showed my hw to my smart boyfriend, his smart dad and my smart U of C friend JT and all of them were amazed at how difficult it was and this is an intro to finance course!. Now, the questions from the text book, I got right. His written questions were another story. First their were several inconsistencies and as such one can make an assumption and another can make another assumption and as such get two different answers. Then he has questions with two variables well you need at least one to solve the problem, you can't do that, you need one variable.

Well, I received an email from my classmate who confessed she guessed on most of them. So that also makes me feel better.

I know that he has enormous curves but I would rather get a B- and know what I am doing rather than getting an A- because the professor wants tenure, good student feedback or just to look good. It is just frustrating.

Last night I went to JT's after work and we sat and worked on the problems for 4 hours. I ended up going to the bf's afterwards because he was close and I was starving and I needed a hug. I am glad that I did stop by.

Well, I am tired, hungry and have to read a chapter before class tonight the fun never stops.


Jessica said...

Maybe his strategy is to make students so desperate that all the female ones are willing to sleep with him to improve their grades.

Christina said...

There is not enough wine in the world to make that happen.