Monday, January 29, 2007

Toll House Pie

Last week, I blogged about heaven in a pie, the Toll House pie and Jessica found the recipe. So this weekend the BF and I were talking about what to make for dinner this weekend. I was telling him that I had the recipe for the pie and his eyes got big and so we *had* to make it. So yesterday, I baked the pie and it actually was my first attempt at baking a pie. It was very easy to make and I was worried (because I always get worried when I try a new recipe) if it would be good.

We tried it and after one bite the BF and I decided that it was a rousing success! So much so, that I may be baking another pie for next weekend's super bowl!

I also made some empanadas, Spanish rice and assembled a salad for dinner. I was such the kitchen diva yesterday! It was nice to cook, I kind of miss cooking. Plus it helps to cook for more than one person. It was a yummy dinner and we had enough leftovers for lunch and one more snack for him. I took a few pie pieces and left the rest for the BF much to his delight.

It seemed that Sunday was our "domestic" day with the BF cleaning the apt and I was taking care of the kitchen. The dog was like a bear rug on patrol in the middle of the kitchen floor on patrol to make sure to clean up any spillage that may have fallen. Apparently, she likes brown sugar, flour and hard boiled eggs the most, the onion bits are tolerated.

It was such a good lazy day to get things done around the apt. It makes for a difficult Monday!

***Jessica, thanks for the recipe! You have to try it and let me know what you think.

Everybody has to try it!


Jessica said...

Oh, I will try it. No doubt about that! After all, it's a Toll House pie! These people at Toll House seem to be conspiring to make sure I stay fat. :)

Christina said...

Seth will LOVE it!

Jessica said...

Oh, mean mommy would never let him have something like that! My in-laws already think I'm some kind of draconian food dictator because I balked when they gave him ice cream. ("Oh, it's not ice cream. It's frozen yogurt!" As if frozen yogurt is healthy. Please.) I'm sure Baby's Daddy will love it, though. We both have a sweet tooth. :)