Sunday, January 14, 2007

End Scene

Well it is Sunday night so it means my bad week is over and new on is ahead. Although this weekend had its ups and downs. My car was hit while parked sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning and there was no note. My fender under the tail light is 3/4 of the way cracked. I was so upset I began to cry, thankfully the BF was with me and let me sob for a little while. So now I have to get that looked at and figure out where I am going to get the deductible from.

We did go and file a police report and we parked in front of a Colombia bakery. So after we did the filing, we stopped in for some food. It was so good, I was reliving my memories of when I used to go to visit the fam in Colombia. I had some bread, hot chocolate and passion fruit juice. The BF had coffee, two pastries, a potato ball filled with beef, onions, peppers and spices lightly fried and blackberry juice. We loved it. We would not have found it otherwise.

We then hung around before we went to drop him off at his dad's house. His dad had an operation on Friday and the BF was going to stay from Saturday night until tomorrow. So we headed there and then I followed his brother back to the city. I am in charge of the pooch!

So last night, I attempted to do finance homework but was sadly mistaken as far as how "fair" it would be. I worked on it for about 2 hours and only got 4 questions done (out of 17). I was not happy, the questions were very very hard. I then went to bed and watched half of a movie before falling asleep.

This morning, Yukon crawled into bed with me and we snoozed until 10:45 and then we took a walk and had breakfast. I headed back to see the BF and his dad. We all watched the Bears win and attempted to do finance. With the bf's help I got two answers. His dad and him were amazed about how difficult they were. Mind you the BF's major was finance and his dad has a master's from Stanford! So we got through two. Only 11 to go! I am just bummed about it all, these questions are way beyond a "intro to finance" course questions!

I left after dinner to head back to the city. I made some lasagna for his dad so we ate it today and it came out delish. I am always worried because I want people to enjoy my food ( and not to get sick) . But all came out yummy.

Well tomorrow is a start to another week. Hopefully better than the last...


Jessica said...

Oh, come on. The questions can't be that bad. (That was sarcasm. I'm sure they're murder.)

Christina said...

Yea, they are so much fun...not!