Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The first of the last year...hopefully

Today my classes start, this quarter I will be taking finance and international marketing. If you know me you know that I am not looking forward to finance. Numbers, theories and I don't mix well. I already got the syllabus last week and I wanted to cry (OK maybe that is a tad bit melodramatic). It is going to be a class to keep me on my toes. I am nervous and a bit frightened to be honest. So I have to keep ahead of the game in order to do this, I got the textbooks and read the first two chapters. Hopefully by keeping up I will be able to "get it".

International marketing will be the yin to my yang. I am looking forward to that class. Plus there are group projects and two case studies but no exams. So I like that too! It should be an interesting class.

So now the school year begins, I get to look forward to less sleep, less leisure time, less cash on hand, more stress, more trips on the EL but more knowledge and experience.

So the first 10 weeks of classes will begin...wish me luck!


Jessica said...

What's your major? Is this for a Bachelor's or Master's degree?

Christina said...

I am getting my MBA and right now the major de jour is International business with a concentration in management. But I am thinking I might get to have two concentrations so if I do, the other will be in change and leadership management. I keep flip flopping!