Thursday, January 11, 2007

Just a Thursday

Rants about work:

-It still sucks and I am still miserable.
-We had a conference call and I was not my perky happy self and my boss is now suspicious
-She should be I am very disappointed in her and I am upset. she always likes to say "perception is reality" yea, famous last works

I am tired of complaining about work so I am going to focus on other things so here are some good things:

-I was on top of my game yesterday in finance, last week I learned how to use the financial calculator so I was able to use it in class while others had difficulty.
-I finally made dinner, and I made pasta sauce and it was awesome if I say so myself. I ran out of breadcrumbs so I crumbled a piece and a half of white bread into the ground beef. It was yummy.
-The office was on tonight, I love that show.
-I was able to tidy up around her, I swear it is just me but it can really get messy. I am not a slob I just have piles of mail and mags all over the place. So I spent time shredding and filing some paperwork. I am starting to see my dining room table again
-I was able to link up with some classmates. I am on this site called Linkedin and it is a networking site. I have only two links far

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