Thursday, January 04, 2007


Let me start off this blog saying that I am not afraid of needles, not that they are my favorite thing, but I can tolerate them. I can have my finger pricked, blood drawn and shots and not cringe but I can't do an IV. I get woozy and almost pass out. Well yesterday, I had to have an IV!

Rewind... A few years ago it was discovered that I have a hole in my heart between the right and left ventricle. Well technically it is not a hole per say, but rather an overlapping bit of tissue that never straightened out. The cardio thinks it is a birth defect from being a preemie but it is not serious. All I have to do is see the cardio once a year and every 2-3 years get an echo cardiogram. An echo, in itself, is not painful it is a sonogram of your heart and it is quite impressive. They take all these 3-D images at different spots and they record your heart beat sounds (apparently the heart sounds different at various parts).

Well yesterday the technician decided that although she found the general area, they could not find the exact location and the only way to do this was to put an air bubble and watch it move through the heart. The air bubble is put in your system via an IV. Well, I tried to remain calm but I knew it was not going to be pretty. I told her that I don't handle IV well and she reassured me that the nurse knew what she was doing and it would not be bad. So they got the nurse and she found the vein and poked me and it hurt like bloody hell and she was unable to thread the needle through and it hurt more. I began to cry so she said that she had to try again but I felt woozy and I told them. So I was on my back and feet up and they try again and it hurt so there were more tears. She felt so horrible and apologised for hurting me and that wasn't her intention. So they push the bubble through using saline and I felt it. They were able to get a good picture so I was done after that.

My hand was (and is still sore) but it is over. I am feeling the bubble in my heart or maybe it is psychosomatic but that idea freaks me out. Aggg!

So that was my afternoon!

I had class last night, it will not be as bad as I though. Saying that it will still be bad but not as horrible as it could be. I just have to make sure to stay on top of the game. I think for the marketing class, I have two independent case studies so I am going to do them early on so that as finance gets more "challenging" I can focus attention on that discipline.

Whew glad that day is over.

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