Monday, January 22, 2007

Confession from a product junkie

I confess, I am a product junkie. I will let you have a moment to absorb it all...

But it is true...

Currently in my bath tub, I have 5 sets of shampoo and conditioner, 3 bars of soap, and 2 body washes. In my medicine cabinet, I have 2 moisturizers (Technically 3 but I am almost done with one but it is the same brand as one of the other 2), 1 1/2 bags of cotton balls 4 types of hair gel, 2 brands of floss, 2 tubes of toothpaste, 4 body lotions and countless types of make-up.

So now it means that I can't buy anything new unless I toss the old or use it all up. I am almost done with one set of shampoo and conditioner so that will be tossed this week, then 4 more to go!

When I was younger I was so eager to try new products that I would end up not liking and they would just accumulate. I've tossed a bunch of thing out in the past few weeks but more need to go. I actually have (but don't use) lipstick from high school! So they will be tossed. Ever since I stopped reading beauty mags, I am not as compelled as I once was to go out and buy the newest must have. Except when the Sephora catalogue comes out...that is my kryptonite.

Why oh why must it taunt me so?

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Philyra said...

Good for people to know.