Monday, December 26, 2011

#26 Revive

Share a favorite photo from the past year. What was happening behind the scenes? What were you thinking or feeling? What could you smell, taste, see, hear at that moment?

I took this shot in Hawaii after dinner with Hubs.  We had some cocktails and just spend the evening together.  Afterwards the two of us just wandered around the beach and took some more photos.   The sunsets in Hawaii are surreal and we were fortunate to stand on that beach at this moment to capture it!


Julie Jordan Scott said...

It sounds incredible. I am a deep lover of sunsets and catch them as often as they can.

Thank you for sharing this via #Weverb11

Bella said...

Hawaii is so beautiful, and what a gorgeous shot! I haven't been there since 1989, but I have such fond memories. I hope I can get there again soon.

KT said...

What a great picture!! I'd like to be there right now. :-)

Kim said...

Hawaii is the place where my soul is most at peace. Love this pic!