Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 12 Thrive

What was your healthiest habit of 2011? What would you like to change or do differently in 2012?

One benefit of not working is that it allowed me to focus on hitting the gym. I love taking classes but my work schedule left me with little time to take the classes that I wanted. So I got to take a number of classes and find my favorite, Zumba. I also liked a stability ball class and a few strength training classes. I also changed my eating habits and a combo of working out and eating better caused me to tone up and lose weight. However, I fell of the gym wagon once it got colder and I need to get motivated (and stay motivated)

For 2012, I want to continue to work out and focus on tone. I also want to stop ordering out once a week. It can reek havoc on my body sometimes. I want to continue to be healthy.

What was your heathy habit?

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