Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Day 10 Create

Share a creative project you undertook this year (art, writing, DIY, cooking home decoration, crafts, photography … whatever comes to mind). How do you use your creativity to express yourself?

There have been a few projects that I undertook this year. I have made a few beaded jewelry pieces, made a Christmas wreath and cooked some new and yummy dishes.

I tend to experiment more in the kitchen than any other room. I made some amazing short ribs pasta this past winter, learned how to make chili, made tapas and made these amazing baked s'mores that have become my signature dish among my neighbors and any party that they have. I love to cook and create things that I can watch people enjoy. Not to mention we have about 20 cookbooks we have a number of experiments in our future)

How did you channel your creativity?

1 comment:

Jen said...

Love the wreath! So creative!