Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Day 9- Appreciate

In which moment did you find yourself flooded with gratitude? How will you rally around gratitude in 2012?

During the spring, there was a lot of upheaval, I lost my job and I had some no so positive medical news that shifted the way I treated myself. It was not a pleasant time for me but, in the midst of all this my husband stepped up to the plate. He has been my support and my rock for the past few months and there have been a few really tough days.

Each day I am so thankful for him. He reminds me of why I married him each day, he reminds me of the good things that we have like a condo, dogs and a cat, friends and family. Over the past few months, I have learned to appreciate the little things and the meaningful moments.

My heart is full of thanks and I am a lucky person!

What (or who) are you thankful for?

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Anonymous said...

That's so sweet Hope you are doing better now!