Thursday, December 01, 2011

Day 2-Listen

What song did you listen to in 2011 to completely change your mood?

This is tough since there was some great music that came out in 2011. However, the one artist that really had me gobsmacked was Adele. Her voice, her songs and her aura really got to me. It enveloped me. Of course there was Lady Gaga too, her pop music helped me get my groove on. I like her message and an in awe of her talent...perhaps a wee bit envious

This year has been the year for dance songs, thanks to Zumba class. I got introduced to new songs and just helped my mood. Dancing for an hour can really lift your spirits.

After seeing Paul McCartney in concert, it reignited my love for the Beatles. No matter when or where, they are timeless.


Meagan said...

LOVE Adele! Her music is some of my favorite of 2011 too!

Christina said...

@Meagan, her voice just has me picturing myself in a dark smoky 1930s supper club on a purple velvet couch. She is just brilliant.

Michelle said...

Adele was also someone that I listened to non stop. I'm just angry that I didn't listen to her music from the start. I like to pretend that my voice sounds as good as hers while singing in my car!

Jen said...

Oh Adele! Her music is my favorite to listen to while I'm working since it is so mellow and calming!

Bella said...

Adele was my song for the year, too.

You're so right about Zumba - I always leave the class so much happier/lighter then when I walk in.