Thursday, December 01, 2011

Day 5-Befriend

Did you meet any new friends this year? How did they impact your 2011?

I met a few new friends this year, one of them is my husband's co-wroker who is fun to hang out with.
We really became close with a few sets of neighbors. One duo in particular have become one of our dearest friends. They adore our dogs and insist that they come with us when we visit. They have a basket full of dog toys that Rosie jumps in and sits there playing with her favorites. We all have shared a number of bottles of wine, have been snarky and silly. We introduced them to some new places to eat they took us to MarketDaze. We hang out almost every weekend for impromptu movie night, game night, or dinner.

We have had dinner and nights out with other sets of neighbors. One who is a wine distributor and always has some new wines to try. We shared a number of summer nights talking until the stars came out and then talked for hours more. Last week we went out with our upstairs neighbors for tapas and movies. And made plans for the coming weeks

It has given us piece of mind to literally be surrounded by some amazing people!

This year re-connected with a friend from elementary school. Although plans did not work out to meet last year, we still message each other and she has a great spirit.

Of course there have been a few others who I rely on for a laugh, support and a dose of reality. I don't know what I would have done without them

What about you, what did 2011 teach you about friendship?


KT said...

We have made some new friends this year and it has been great! I now have a bunch of girlfriends that I go out to dinner with on a monthly basis, people to go to lunch with during the work week, and a dinner club. It's been great!

Jen said...

How nice that you have become such good friends with your neighbors. I love our house, but that fact that we aren't too friendly with our neighbors is the one negative side of it. I wish they were more friendly so we could have block parties and such, but it isn't the way it is!