Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Day 8-Choose

What was the biggest choice you made in 2011? What caused you to choose what you chose?

It is ironic that this was today's question because yesterday I made a significant decision, I accepted a job offer. It is still surreal and I am in shock, partly because I was so used to the "Thanks but no thanks" that to get a yes was unexpected (even though I should have more confidence in myself). There have been a number of interviews over the past two weeks after weeks of little responses. There may be other offers upcoming but for now I said yes.

Another choice that was made this year was to get a cat. Last Christmas, we lost our beloved cat. He was such a special and wonderful cat and we miss him. We decided in May that we were ready and so we added a cat to our family. She is totally different and took some time to learn about her and her quirks. Like pouncing on your feet at 4 am, she is more vocal and likes to announce herself when she walks into a room and her lack of using the scratching post. But, she has added another spirit in the house and the dogs have become her friends.

What was a big decision that you made this year?


Jen said...

Congrats! When do you start? I hope it turns out to be awesome! What a great way to end 2011 and ring in 2012!

Kim said...

Yay! congratulations on your new job!! I hope it turns out to be a really great move for you :)

Christina said...

I start in a few weeks. I am abut nervous but excited.

KT said...

Congratulations on the job offer!! What a great way to start the new year!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the job! Sorry about the loss of your cat. That's tough. :(